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A Writer's Life in Rome & Tuscia

Ruminations on Islomania: Books and Islands Lawrence Durrell and Prospero's Cell

Stunning Cover by Paul Lachine for the AWP Writers' Chronicle featuring Books and Islands.
Safe in my cabin as the Greek-bound ship rolls gently beneath me, I look up from my book and gaze out through the porthole at a calm, cobalt sea. Mountain crests slide into view on the blurred edges of the horizon.
I am on my way to an island, eagerly anticipating the pleasures of islomania, a disease once described by Lawrence Durrell, my favorite writer of islands, as a “rare but by no means unknown affliction of the spirit.”

“There are people” he goes on to say, “who find islands somehow irresistible. The mere knowledge that they are on an island, a little world surrounded by the sea, fills them with an indescribable intoxication.”

Like Durrell, I seem to have caught this disease for life.

In honor of my upcoming workshop on Andros, I am posting here my essay Books and Islands dealing with Lawrence Durrell's Prospero's Cell originally published in the AWP Writers's Chronicle. Click link below to read the essay.

Books and Islands: Lawrence Durrell and Prospero's Cell
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