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Book Review of The Hands on French Cookbook by Elisabeth de Chatillon

In connection with France Book Tours.

Longing for France, French food and the French language but can’t travel yet? Wanting to brush up your French for an upcoming trip, but find situational language learning courses (i.e. dialogues in contexts) boring and contrived? This book: HANDS ON FRENCH COOKBOOK: Connect with French through Simple, Healthy Cooking by Elisabeth de Chatillon is for you.

This bilingual cookbook offers a hands-on approach to French food, teaching you not only how to cook signature dishes of French home cooking but how to cook in French, providing the essential vocabulary and idioms along with recipes and culinary secrets in French and English.

The author is not only a native Frenchwoman and accomplished cook, but also a French language teacher trained in TPR – total physical response, a language learning method that relies heavily on the coordination of the body and the mind.

According to this intriguing methodology, language learning is not just a mental exercise of the right brain. The whole body is involved in storing language memory, associating phonemes and words with movement and physical sensation. This coordinated activity of right/left brains and body is actually how we learn our first language from our parents, postulates Dr. James Asher, who first developed the method which has become very popular with ESL and EFL teachers working with young children. Elisabeth de Chatillon has tailored this method for her adult French language students focusing on the domain of the kitchen and the practical tasks of cooking.

The recipes she has chosen as the focus of language -cooking are classics of true French cuisine reflecting the seasonality that makes French food so delectable, but adapted to healthier dietary regime – for example her crustless courgette quiche, buckwheat crepes with salmon, or lentil salad with goat cheese. Her “chef notes “ (in French) discuss the origin of the dishes, the history of specific ingredients, and possible adaptations or substitutions. Some of the recipes may be adapted to vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, or gluten-free diets, so there is something for everyone.

A perfect book for anyone who’d like to recreate the flavors of France in their own kitchen, while improving their language skills. FRANCE BOOK TOURS has organized a giveaway for US residents only

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